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Coir carpets - Sustainable and Eco friendly

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Coir carpets – Sustainable and Eco friendly

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If you are looking for sustainable and eco – friendly alternative flooring, then why not give coir carpets a try. These are sourced from sustainable material and natural fiber from brown and green coconut husks. But compared to other natural fiber carpets like sisal and seagrass, coir is so scanty. These carpets are usually found in Sri Lanka and India where coconut plantations are growing. The environment is a wonderful place that offers the most suitable conditions for coconut to grow and have a regular supply of coir for making of products like carpets and rugs. While it might not have as much demand as other carpets made from natural fiber, coir doormats have high demand for its resistance to moisture and durability.

How coir is made?

As mentioned, we source coir fiber from green and brown coconut husks. The husks are already of age to be de – husked are hand picked and the fibers are soaked in water for a specific time. When the husk is soaked in water a microbial activity happens that helps the stands to loosen up and separate from each other. Once this process is completed, it is spun into yards of yarn. These are already made, manufacturers will weave the strands into various patterns and turn them into carpets.

Benefits of using coir

Being made from natural fiber, it has loads of benefits to using it as your choice of carpet at home.  One can last for up to ten years. This is great for flooring or places that requite carpet where heavy foot traffic is expected. Coir fibers are very hard and strong and will not show signs of wear and tear.  Since this is produced naturally, there are no pesticides and chemicals used in the making of such carpets. This is an excellent product for households where one or more members suffer from asthma and allergies.

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