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Turning the waste into products

We have brought a strong of endless effort by turning the waste into products that can be used and cherished. We export customized coir products made from high – quality raw materials. We dream to offer a greener and safer future generation by dedicating ourselves in exporting high quality products which help in boosting the productivity with the help of value pricing. All our coir products are extracted from nature brown and green coconut husks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Coir is made from natural fibers extracted from brown and green husks.  We harvest them and export them for making of various products. Using coir products can control erosion and its waterproof. The coir products that we export ware resistance to salt water damage, so it can be submerged without immediate degradation.

Yes, we take custom orders on coir products and since coir is a natural fiber It is biodegradable. It is been consumed by the microorganisms in the soil and it acts as a fertilizer as it has a long lifespan. Contact us to know more about coir products that we deal with.

AVGO offers a wide range of coir products which includes, wattles, logs, blocks, mats and other products that can be made with coir. You can also email us or just ping us to know more about our customizable coir products. We also export and import coir fibers to all major countries.


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