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Live an organic life

All  our organic fabrics are one of the most popular and we export and import only fabrics that are organic and made from hemp, soy and bamboo. Regular fabric is also used as a shelter apparel. All organic products we deal are sustainable as they are eco- friendly and also feel great besides having many great properties. The fabric is made of natural fertilizers and pesticides which makes it an excellent choice for your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We know what is organic, when it comes to food. Organic fabric means which includes natural dyes and recycled fibers. The fabric is woven without any herbicide, pesticide or other artificial fertilizers. We aim to save the planet with health and happiness, hence we export and import organic fabric to all major countries.

  • It’s better for the farmers- there are millions of cotton farmers who make cotton in more than eighty countries globally.
  • It’s better for the environment – organic farming is all about farming tradition as well the scientific knowledge. The techniques used to conserve soils and water which also improve soil fertility.

Our aim to make the environment greener. Hence, all our products that we deal are either organic or biodegradable. To make fabric its estimated that more than 20% of all insecticide is used globally and to grow cotton to make one t- shirt it needs more than 250 gallons of water.


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